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Yet Another Game Development Blog?

I am starting this blog to share my experiences with developing an iOS app that communicates with a Play! based web application. The app I want to build is called Kerkermeister (which is pretty close to the english version of a dungeon keeper). Inspired by role-playing and strategy games I want to build an app that I would have fun with. I like a lot of apps on the app store but I am pretty much bored of Tower Defense already and Clash Of Clans is somewhat too expensive.

I want to mix ideas from genetic algorithms and a role-playing based combat engine. The downside is: Except of a good experience in playing games I am completely new in game development. Design is the area I need to learn most, but I am planning to request some help on this.

Also, I am completely new in cocos2d and Objective-C and on some points I got headaches when it comes to Blocks or Delegates.

I am focussing on the following technologies:

There are a lot and mostly good quality resources on certain issues. My problem often is, that solutions are written from a point of view that doesn’t match mine or my experience. I want to contribute another point of view that might be helpful for people starting on this topic, just like me.

The things that helped me starting with Game Development on iOS is Kobold2D. A really great framework used in conjunction with the book of the framework’s author Steffen Itterheimer. I don’t know this guy so my praise is honest. Here is the link to the book I recommend starting with.

And Play!? Easy to use and fun. Either you like Scala or Java, both is possible and a new Play! app is running in 5 minutes thanks to Convention over Configuration. I like how it feels and the REST approach it offers makes it a perfect candidate for a backend service that will be designed API-first.