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Author Archives: Patrick

Configure Your Game – Configuration Files Made Easy by Play!

This Post is simply making a statement about the usefulness and simplicity of Typesafe Config Library within Play! I used it because I needed to balance my Monsters’ strengths. Things like health, offense, damage and defense should be configurable and best be very distinct from Monster to Monster. What would be easier than having them quickly […]

Play! And Hibernate – How To Get Running With Your JSON REST API

Now that our resources are planned let’s quickly set up Play! for persistence. I don’t like configuration… it kicks me out of my workflow and makes me thinking if to continue my work because the next step would be… yeah… configuring something. Nevertheless with Play it is not that bad and done really quick. You […]

Play! And Hibernate – How To Get Running With Your JSON REST API

At some point you need some persistence. In my case, I need a central online place for all the Monsters my players will create and fight with. I need them centrally managed instead of locally on their devices. My very intuitive approach was to make the information available via a REST API. Here is how […]

How To Build An Cocos2d iOS App Communicating With A RESTful API – The Sequence

Awesomenessly! iOS 7 is out and therefore SpriteKit. This means I will add to this series the same solution using SpriteKit. I am really curious how much work it will be using it. But at first let me describe the next step in our cocos2d implementation. I already explained some of my code in the other […]

Objective-C Adapter From NSInteger To id When Using performSelector withObject

As an Objective-C beginner it is not so easy to understand how to correctly cast things, so I needed some research to get it solved. I hope that post makes it easier for you. My problem occurred trying to feed the performSelector withObject message with an enum.

I implemented my nice HTTP Request class, […]

How To Build An Cocos2d iOS App Communicating With A RESTful API – The View

Let us start with the view part of our REST web service integration to iOS and Cocos2d. Actually, I want to provide the same solution with Sprite Kit once I finished this series. But first things first. The Background Layer So, first of all we need a layer for our game. The layer is the […]

Cocos2d for iPhone or Apple Sprite Kit?

Ok, it took me some weeks, even months of effort to feel comfortable with Cocos2d and Objective-C and at least have starting points to solve all requirements that might cross my way. After reading an eye-opening post from Steffen Itterheim here I will rethink my approach using Cocos2d in favour of SpriteKit. It might take me […]

How To Build An Cocos2d iOS App Communicating With A RESTful API – Intro

I want to start a series on a topic that was not too hard to get together but resources were quite distributed and some rocks were in my way as an Objective-C newbie. I want to show how you can render JSON information retrieved via REST web services. The following picture Combat Screen shows an […]

Yet Another Game Development Blog?

I am starting this blog to share my experiences with developing an iOS app that communicates with a Play! based web application. The app I want to build is called Kerkermeister (which is pretty close to the english version of a dungeon keeper). Inspired by role-playing and strategy games I want to build an app […]