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Monthly Archives: September 2013

How To Build An Cocos2d iOS App Communicating With A RESTful API – The Sequence

Awesomenessly! iOS 7 is out and therefore SpriteKit. This means I will add to this series the same solution using SpriteKit. I am really curious how much work it will be using it. But at first let me describe the next step in our cocos2d implementation. I already explained some of my code in the other […]

Objective-C Adapter From NSInteger To id When Using performSelector withObject

As an Objective-C beginner it is not so easy to understand how to correctly cast things, so I needed some research to get it solved. I hope that post makes it easier for you. My problem occurred trying to feed the performSelector withObject message with an enum.

I implemented my nice HTTP Request class, […]

How To Build An Cocos2d iOS App Communicating With A RESTful API – The View

Let us start with the view part of our REST web service integration to iOS and Cocos2d. Actually, I want to provide the same solution with Sprite Kit once I finished this series. But first things first. The Background Layer So, first of all we need a layer for our game. The layer is the […]

Cocos2d for iPhone or Apple Sprite Kit?

Ok, it took me some weeks, even months of effort to feel comfortable with Cocos2d and Objective-C and at least have starting points to solve all requirements that might cross my way. After reading an eye-opening post from Steffen Itterheim here I will rethink my approach using Cocos2d in favour of SpriteKit. It might take me […]

How To Build An Cocos2d iOS App Communicating With A RESTful API – Intro

I want to start a series on a topic that was not too hard to get together but resources were quite distributed and some rocks were in my way as an Objective-C newbie. I want to show how you can render JSON information retrieved via REST web services. The following picture Combat Screen shows an […]

Yet Another Game Development Blog?

I am starting this blog to share my experiences with developing an iOS app that communicates with a Play! based web application. The app I want to build is called Kerkermeister (which is pretty close to the english version of a dungeon keeper). Inspired by role-playing and strategy games I want to build an app […]